About Me

(I make games)

A short dive into who I am

I have a deep desire to create. I thoroughly enjoy the whole process from first ideas and prototypes to implementing, iterating the experience and sharing it with the world. I'm always looking to cook up something fresh in the game kitchen.

I love exploring weird mechanics, building little worlds, applying funky algorithms and invoking a variety of emotions in players. I'm fascinated by the full spectrum of game experiences that can be crafted from the chill relaxing, intense fast-paced, deep narrative and anything that doesn't fit in a box.

Straddling the line academically and professionally between design and programming gives me the ability to both implement complex algorithms and understand the experiences we develop.

Pic 01

Figure 1: Joyous game developers exploring play.

Pic 01

Figure 2: Serious game developers in the park.

I find inspiration through living and experiencing the world in all its different shapes and sizes. Nature is particularly important to me. So when I'm not in the city, you'll find me on a mountain peak or deep in a forest. Teaching scouting gives me the opportunity to pass on some of that appreciation.

I always have an urge to explore different forms of expression through film, music, games, art and more. So I'm likly to spend an evening here or there at a local gig, film showing, experimental gallery or sourcing wild games from the web.

Board games have a special place in my heart. I'm always adding new ones to the collection or checking them out at Bastard Café with friends. Physical play and staying active is also important to me, as it broadens our play palate.